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Chris Vella - Biography

2011_Healing_Art_Chris Vella_ligh

Christopher Vella was born in Toronto on January 1, 1975. His family originates from the island of Malta where he has exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Art. He has also displayed his works in Germany and across Toronto. Traveling across the world, this artist has formed and experienced many different painting styles on canvas, wood, metal and unique surfaces. In 1998 C. Vella graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a specialty in Fine Arts. While he attended there, he engaged in a variety of different mediums such as film, sculpture, mural painting and raw music. His travels led him back to school, studying expressive arts therapy where he graduated as an Expressive Arts Therapist in 2003. This experiential program focuses on different modalities (such as music, visual art, dance and poetry) to help others by engaging their own creativity to help themselves. C. Vella's process of painting has given his art a more subtle approach to creation, but still has the energy and intensity of previous works. With this approach, his artwork has become more focused and detailed in depth, giving him a finer balance between life and his art.