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Denise Nickey - Biography


My childhood dream was to be an Artist. I was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania where I attended the Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts. I have explored several different mediums and techniques before falling in love with Encaustic painting. This medium uses natural resources of bees wax and resin creating incredibly beautiful colors that reflects an emergence of life energy and creative energy coming together. My expression is self taught and divinely guided.

Colors are energy which invokes emotions. I am inspired through emotional movement capturing the collision of energy coming together in an expression of galactic colors.

My intention as an Artist is to touch a place deep in someone’s soul that ignites their pure essence, their spirit to explore, to play, to love deeply, to live with passion and to know that you are part of all that is!

My soul’s language is color, shape and form. I paint the waves of emotion that I feel inside and transmute them into joy of expanding light and consciousness.

It is my honor to be able to share this gift with all of you.