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Elspeth McLean - Biography

2011_Healing_Art_Elspeth McLean

Elspeth’s creativity knows no boundaries. She describes her artistic style as vibrant, loving, original, and ethereal. Her aim is that her artwork has a positive affect on people by connecting them to their inner child: their authentic self and to bring some vibrancy to their lives. For Elspeth, colour is a way to express and celebrate the colour’s of her soul and spirit. She hopes that her artwork can encourage others to do the same. The use of dots and circles in her artwork come not only from a space of meditation but also because circle is the symbol of unity and infinity. Her artworks in their true form are something to witness because of their tactile nature and somewhat 3d form.

She draws her inspiration from nature, the cosmos, myths and legends, the rich cultures of India; Mexico; Native America Indians; Africa; Aboriginal Australians. Themes found in her artwork include love, friendship, embracing personal growth, harmony with nature, dreaming and celebration of life. Everything Elspeth creates, she pours her heart making each piece is individual and meaningful.

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, Elspeth is predominantly self-taught although she attended a special art’s high school where she experiemented in many different artistic medium. She has completed a diploma in Art Therapy as a way of understanding more about the healing benefits of creating art.

Elspeth has been working as a freelance artist for the last 6 years in which time she has shown her works galleries and markets in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and the US. She has a facebook page under her name which she uses to connect with people world wide and invite people into her creative world. Elspeth has done website and product logo designs for businesses, murals and ongoing commission work.

2011_Healing_Art_Elspeth McLean 2011_Healing_Art_Elspeth McLean