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Daniel Larson - Biography


Artist Bio: Daniel Larson I earned a BFA in sculpture from Boise State University in 1997. I have turned to painting instead of sculpture in recent years and am very interested in rocks. My background in sculpture has heavily influenced my painting and I am strongly attracted by rocks because of their fantastic variety of form. In painting rocks I tend towards a portraiture style of composition. I prefer my paintings to be intimate rather than vast and panoramic. Also, I like to showcase a rock or group of rocks in a manner that highlights the significant form and peculiarity of a rock while being visually compelling. I consider myself to be a neo-romanticist. It is my desire to capture the feeling of a place, the sublime, that the old romantics were after. While I tend towards literalism in my painting, I do like to use some modern techniques and sensibilities as well. I currently live in Pocatello, Idaho.

2011_Landscapes_Daniel_Larson 2011_Landscapes_Daniel_Larson