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Linda McCarthy - Biography


I have created art in many media over a period of 25 years, including pencil and charcoal sketches, some pastels and collage but my most current work is in acrylic and oil .
I believe that an artists style evolves over time and often changes in intensity and color depending on the mood and life experiences of the painter

My art is inspired by emotion, sometimes it takes form realistically and other times more abstract. More often than not my subject matter is of the earth, rocks and water and things that grow. The bold and solid structure of rock formations shows the endurance of the earth while the motion and everchanging light, the forcefullness and tranquility of water exemplifies the growth and changes occurring every day.

Art is an expression, captured to relive the feeling that it brings. I hope that my art evokes a feeling, a memory, a determination or encouragment and brings you peace.

2011_Landscapes_Linda_McCarthy 2011_Landscapes_Linda_McCarthy