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Barbra Drasby - Biography



My parents often said, "Barbra was born with a crayon in her hand." I am a self learned artist who has experimented with drawing all throughout my life. In the seventies the medium of pen & ink had first captured my fancy. As you will see I mostly draw using black and white. However lately I've been experimenting applying color to my drawings.

Everything I draw comes from the heart. I've always been drawn towards sharing the message of peace and diversity in my artwork. Sometimes the people surrounding me along with life experiences influence what I draw. Plus I've been blessed by the requests of children which is how my animal and sea life creations series evolved.

I've often struggled with the evolution of my artwork because it is so different from the expectations of the norms of the art world. However over the years I've accepted my style and it's differences. I've come to realize my style is unique and this is a good thing. So I now concentrate on nurturing and sharing my creative inspirations with the world.