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Dylan Tennison - Biography


I am using art to capture and communicate the essence of nature and ecology. Not by literally depicting iconic representations of the natural world, but depicting it in a metaphysical and visual metaphorical representation. I am interested in the systematically integrated relationships between all of life that creates a functioning balanced ecology. By using the universal graphical language of geometry I can in the same way systematically organize and assemble an image that functions as a whole. All of life and sensory experience is an intrinsic assembly of continual vibrations and frequencies (energy). This energy does not diminish nor increase it can only re-manifests itself in another form. The lines, order/grid, space, and colors are the organized vibrations and frequencies that I use to re-manifest this experience of life (the whole).

-Dylan Tennison
(Student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati)

2011_Mandala_Dylan_Tennison 2011_Mandala_Dylan_Tennison