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David Mel - Biography



I was born in the urban setting of Bridgeport, CT ... Connecticut's biggest city in 1964. The grandchild of Scottish & Irish immigrants, my family had seen many hard times in the old countries. They brought with them great work ethic & came to America with many hopes & dreams. My father followed in his father's footsteps & became a toolmaker, but also inherited great artistic talent. He painted & did portraits, but never considered a career in art, since he worked 60-70 hours a week to provide for the family. Seeing my father work hard to succeed, no matter what the cost, gave me a great perspective on sacrifice.

In 2001, I was working as a sunroom designer for a company whose owner was this energetic old Jewish man of 81 years .... an art collector. Reporting to that office, plastered with original art from all over the world, was inspiration for me to start my career as an artist.

I am currently painting in oils & acrylics and drawing using pen & ink.

My discovery of the mandala was purely by chance. I created two circular, concentric pieces for an AIDS benefit over a year ago & really enjoyed the experience. I saw the excitement that these pieces created for the proud owners, so I continued painting similar ones just for the joy I felt during the process. It wasn't until a fellow artist introduced me to the term "mandala" that I was able to make sense out of the creation addiction. It explained a lot to me & by researching the history, I became inspired to expand my scope of what mandala means to me & to inject my style into them.