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Heather Crowley - Biography


Art has always been an integral part of my life even though I am not formally educated in fine arts with the exception of a few introductory art courses in college. As a child I was surrounded by an environment enriched with the arts. My childhood was spent amidst easels, paint brushes and turpentine while my mother taught art classes for drawing and multiple other media out of my childhood home. You could say I lived and breathed art as a young girl and that as a result painting and drawing feels somewhat second nature to me. Instead of art, I pursued a career in medicine and chose pathology as my specialty. I realize now that was probably in large part due to the beautiful visual world under the microscope that I would get to experience on a daily basis. I left my practice of six years in 2009 to pursue a part time position elsewhere which would provide more space in my life to explore my creative path. I'm rediscovering a part of myself that I'd put on hold for a long period. So far, I've found that the process instead of the final product has been a way to reach a meditative, peaceful state. I find inspiration in my gardens, nature and my imagination. Through my brush I attempt to explore the natural and mystical world and to capture the spirit of the subject I am painting. I believe the only way to truly know nature and in turn ourselves is to study it, contemplate it, explore each exquisite detail and only then finally, truly recognize it. This I attempt through my art.

2011_Mandalas_Heather_Crowley 2011_Mandalas_Heather_Crowley