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Jason Tudor - Biography





Jason Tudor is an American-Romanian artist who is currently residing in Westport, CT. He recently graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Focusing mainly in the fields of drawing, printmaking and fabric design, Jason has developed a distinctive technique, which has helped him produce a broad body of work. The aesthetics to his work are unique and refreshing, and his color charged designs allow the viewer to navigate through his pieces like if it was fragments of his imagination. Maintaining a close relation between color and design, Jason transforms his drawings into repeat patterns, as well as fine art prints. He has recently been developing fine art patterns for wall coverings and textiles, as well as starting up his own t-shirt line.

Artist Statement:

My work mainly consists of very detailed and colorful prints that are made up of organic lines, shapes and different motifs. Inspired by the wonders of the universe and all the patterns within it, I draw very intuitively; never planning on the final composition, and just letting the drawing grow on its own. Sitting on a fine line between chaos and control, they are brought into the computer and get arranged together creating entirely new images with endless possibilities. It’s that mystery of seeing how far one piece can go and the evolution it goes through that keeps me investigating. My work reflects my imagination in a structured manner and I try to create my own little universe with its own mysteries.