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Dorian Dyer - Biography

2011_Spirit Totem_Dorian_Dyer
Soaring, Connecting Heaven and Earth

claim the wind,
claim the wild,
claim the self,

I am a self taught artist, living and creating in Seattle Washington, The intention of my art is to capture the beauty and grandeur of nature and show that it is a window into the human soul and spirit. I create my art to activate and expand my perception and the perception of others, and to act as a mirror that reflects the place within us where unity, power and wholeness resides.

2011_Spirit Totem_Dorian_Dyer
Beloved of the Stars

revered throughout the cosmos, for such sweet and strong creation, where waters abound from snowy heights, and seasons flourish in unfolding hues, its delicate flowery abandon, on fierce wings that know its course
2011_Spirit Totem_Dorian_Dyer
Borealis Dream

where are we now? in these lights bathing everything in magic, dolphins surf inside me, delighting in the waves, that rise and fall with my breath, as I awaken to my winged self, standing in a lotus reflecting lake, the golden mountain tells me, I am close to my goal, of majestic awakening, yet I remain unmoved, in the deep beauty of silent rapture, that tells me there is nothing to become