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Michael Bollerud - Biography


Contemporary visual artist Michael Bollerud was born in North Carolina and now resides in Michigan. The self-taught artist began creating and selling portrait artwork at a young age. This creative impulse continued into adulthood up to the period of 2003 to 2009 when he began channeling his artistic talent into a successful career as a tattoo artist which after only two years developed into his own successful business and tattoo shop. Retired from tattooing, he is now a Full-time Artist who enjoys creating American Indian/Wildlife Artwork in pencil that expresses the pride of his Heritage. Michael Bollerud is a Blackfoot Indian, and feels that the absence of color (Pencil) enhances the detail giving the viewer a feel of a different time in history. Michael Bolleruds art seeks perfection, with each work he seeks to improve his craft. Through the years of his life`s teachings, Michael Bollerud has learnt that the “Spirit world” is very much real. His artwork attempts to bring the viewer into this “Spirit World” of the American Indians so to remind them that all it takes is to open your mind and heart to visit a higher plane of being.

2011_Spirit_Totem_Michael_Bollerud 2011_Spirit_Totem_Michael_Bollerud