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Gina Rubinetti


2012 Healing Art 2 Gina Rubinetti health


"A Manifestation of Self" is a series of works based on my daily reminders of who and what I am and the person I want to be. My work has always been about the balance of the science and spirituality, but these pieces are inspired more by my spiritual practices.

I often use sacred geometry as a tool to communicate ideas of manifestation. The mind is a powerful form of healing, I believe through positive thought one can create a life of health, balance and strength.

These works are meant to create an intimate interaction between the viewer and the artwork, because one must look closely into the cut out shape to reveal its message. The words "Balance, Strength and Health" are revealed when looking through the shapes.

-Gina Rubinetti

2012 Healing Art 2 Gina Rubinetti