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Madina Ziganshina




Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door to the lost kingdom of peace. My fairy kingdom is Art. By the means of color and texture I reveal my perception of life. I enjoy feeling magic in the air. When I paint I dream. I dream that in the river I depict, there are live mermaids, mountains are sleeping giants and trolls, and the song of faun can be heard in a field...

My art is very much influenced by old Northern epos, legends and Russian folklore. I find fascinating beauty in the combination of naive simplicity of images and deep origin philosophy. Ornaments, colors and subjects create a veil of mystery that covers the world around. I like to capture these magnificent moments and to reflect them on canvas.

I was born in Kazan, a recognized city of universities and arts, on the border of East and West. And originally absorbed bright ornamental color palette.
Painting for longer than I remember myself, I never hesitated being an artist. I dedicated 10 years to fine art education. First in Kazan(Tartarstan) in an Art School named after Feshin, which follows the traditions of French impressionism and modern and then studied classical painting technique at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.With all that experience I feel free to express myself in painting and always looking for the new subjects and ideas. I develop new ways with much respect to the traditional art and it helps me produce high quality artworks.

I made my first personal exhibition in Kazan, still having been a student. Then I moved on, taking part in many projects, contests and exhibitions in Russia and Europe. In 2009 I was a representative of Tatarstan at Art Fest in Cannes, France, and was one of coordinators of international art event AthensArt 2010.