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Shannon breadner




Ever since I was a child I found an outlet in drawing, it was a way of expression, approval and an escape.

In highschool alot of my art was black and white charcoal sketchs, during my fine arts education I was learning about design, color, composition and history.

In my late 20's I began painting but it wasn't until I moved to the Okanagan in 2007 that I found my passion in painting. Besides moving to the country in the beautiful landscape of Winfield I had also joined a Wiccan group which inspired me as well. Being close to nature and spirit is what inspires me the most, having wiccan circles especially outside are what fuels me. Ive always loved drawing woman -they have a beautiful, sensual shape and a natural flow to their bodies- so painting Goddesses seems very appropriate for me. I believe Goddesses need to be bright, bold and primal with all the colors of the elements. The closer I am to the Goddess, nature and my spirit the more ideas and paintings flow out of me. I look forward to sharing many more Goddess art to come