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Past Art Articles

baby formulaBeyond Mere Thoughts: Strange Connections Beyond Time and Space
04 June 12

Many people claim to share unique connections with certain others in their lives. We hear spouses talking about the way they can sense things about each other, as well as parents who do the same with their children. Some individuals even claim to be able to communicate psychically with their pets and other animals.

Such connections, if they exist, seem capable of bridging the gaps between pure thoughts, allowing individuals to share communication by means of strange powers that the modern sciences have yet to recognize. But considering the circumstances that seem to allow this variety of “psychic communication,” could it be that relationships existing between individuals may play a role in helping understand what actually causes certain psychic phenomenon?

04 June 12

Before I start, just bear in mind the general rule that oil based paints & solvents etc. can be applied over water based ones – but not the other way around. Let's start with some textural examples - either acyclic or oil is suitable and these are applied with a painting knife. A painting knife has a raised handle as opposed to a palette knife which is flat. There are 3 main ways to use a painting knife – loading the paint on the side of the blade for thin lines, on the flat for broad areas or the tip for smaller controlled areas. (If your acrylic is too fluid, you can add some modelling paste to it for body). A good way to learn is to use any leftover paint at any time to practise with. A light touch is needed usually and if you are layering one colour over another for broken effects, you need to be so light that you can think of not so much "putting the paint on" as "leaving it behind".

baby formulaHow to Draw for Oil Paintings
04 June 12

A complex drawing is quickly lost when the oil colors go on, so simple shapes and contour lines make the best drawings for oil paintings. The drawing may be made directly on the canvas or it can be prepared before and transferred to the canvas. When drawing directly on the canvas, PAINT that has been thinned with thinner is the best. Because it is paint, it doesn't need to be isolated from subsequent colors. CHARCOAL can be used for drawing on the canvas. The charcoal drawing must be isolated from the paint layers with FIXATIVE. Vine charcoal is easier to seal with fixative than compressed charcoal.

baby formulaEliminating gluten from the diet can relieve brain fog (mental confusion)
02 April 12

(NaturalNews) Brain fog is a real problem despite the lack of information in most medical and psychological texts. Brain fog describes mental confusion or a lack of mental clarity. People with brain fog have difficulty thinking clearly most of the time and in varying degrees. A morning bagel, lunchtime sandwich or pasta dinner may be the cause behind this scary condition. Even though the medical community mainly ignores brain fog, it is one of the most important symptoms, says Lawrence Wilson, MD on his website Brain fog is unrelated to depression, dementia or any other mental problem and yet it is rarely accepted as a real symptom that can help make appropriate diagnoses.

baby formulaHow to Price Your Art - More About Art Prices
02 April 12

A good first step in determining your criteria is to select one or more works of art that you consider typical of your current output and that display an average range of your skills. These would be pieces that you consider neither exceptional nor inferior in any way. If you work in more than one medium or style, select at least one piece that is representative of each. Describe these works, in writing and in detail, in terms of basic physical characteristics as well as in terms of variables unique to your art. Basic physical characteristics include size, subject matter, color, complexity, weight, detail, cost of materials, time necessary to create, and so on. Variables unique to your art might include the number of dogs in the composition, theme, texture, frequency of use of the color orange, direction of the brush strokes, date produced, or degree of abstraction.

baby formulaOrganic Brown Rice Syrup: Hidden Arsenic Source
21 Feb 12

If you're shopping organic and see brown rice syrup listed first among ingredients, you may want to think twice: That product could have high levels of potentially toxic arsenic, Dartmouth researchers reported today. A team led by environmental chemist Brian P. Jackson found what Jackson called dangerous amounts of arsenic in organic powdered toddler formula whose top ingredient was brown rice syrup. That formula contained six times more arsenic than the Environmental Protection Agency considers safe for the water supply. Jackson and his colleagues also reported elevated arsenic levels in some brown rice-sweetened cereal bars, energy bars and energy "shots"consumed by endurance athletes, according to a study published today in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.The results, which do not identify any products by name, follow recent reports about trace levels of arsenic in apple juice and previous reports of arsenic in rice.

dreaming picHow Do I Lucid Dream Without Consciously Controlling It?
21 Feb 12

In the past, I have become conscious rather frequently in my dreams. For example, last night I was interacting with a few of my friends and right when the conversation took its most exciting turn, I realized I was dreaming and gained control of the dream. The only thing I wanted to do was hear the next sentence! I tried to wait out the end of the conversation and even tried to let the dream continue, but now that I was conscious, I couldn't really be surprised by anything that was happening. What suggestions might you have for actually reaching the part of dreaming where conversation with the subconscious becomes possible? I'm not too worried about the flying or breathing underwater yet (which I actually have done on occasion), but rather, is there a way to really let the dream continue with my conscious mind playing only a minimal part in affecting the actions of others?

How to carve marble stoneHow to Hang your artwork in a gallery
06 December 11

Bring all your prepared artwork to the space where it will hang. Start by spreading out the pieces and putting them against the wall where you think they might look good. Move the pieces around until you think they look perfect. Enlist an objective person to help with this.

Some things to consider – mixing up or grouping the artwork according to size, color, or theme. Some artists like to include one particularly strong piece on each wall. You might also consider hanging your strongest piece in the spot where the viewer will see it first upon entering the space.

How to carve marble stoneWhat is Organic Paint?
06 December 11

Organic paints are not only more sustainable, they also have their own look and feel to them. This is because of the pigments: natural pigments look more balanced and harmonious than petroleum-based pigments.

Milk paint is an old and ancient paint, it's an organic paint by tradition. Caseine is the binder, it's a milk component and one of the strongest glues around. Milk paint can be bought in powder-form, and stirred to paint with water. Once wet, it has to be used within days (after that, it decays). Milk paint holds well on plaster and untreated wood, it needs an absorbing underground. Wallpaper can be painted too, depending on the absorbing qualities of the wallpaper. Milk paint is matte, and can be made shiny by painting it over with a laquer - for that, you might take an acrylic binder, or a soy-based urethane sealer (search for Eco-Tuff-High-Traffic-Clear-Coat). The colors of milk paint are limited, but you can mix them as you like it.

How to carve marble stoneCaffeine-induced psychosis
06 December 11

"If a person were injected with 500 milligrams of caffeine [less than the dosage in some 16-ounce brews], within about an hour he or she would exhibit symptoms of severe mental illness, among them hallucinations, paranoia, panic, mania, and depression. But the same amount of caffeine administered over the course of a day only produces the milder forms of insanity for which we take tranquilizers and antidepressants."

"For five years I worked in a team practice with physicians and psychotherapists. Often, the psychological evaluation would include one or more anxiety syndromes, and the recommendation was for counseling. I would point out that the person was consuming excessive amounts of caffeine and request a trial month off caffeine prior to therapy sessions. In about 50% of cases, the anxiety syndrome would resolve with caffeine withdrawal alone."

How to carve marble stoneHow to carve marble, limestone, soapstone and alabaster sculptures
06 November 11

How do I start out?

If I know what I'm going to carve, I usually start out by making a rough drawing of my idea. Then I find a piece of stone that fits the design as close as possible. The reason for this is you want to keep the amount of stone to be removed to a minimum. I make a drawing on the stone itself and rough it out. Do not use a marker or pen with any kind of ink in it. I did this on one of my sculptures and it bled several centimeters into the stone. If you cannot remove a lot of stone you'll have a permanent smear to explain to your viewing public (mine is blue). Use pencil or crayon. The first step is roughing out the stone. This is where the majority of the stone is removed and is done with a heavy chisel made for removing large amounts of stone or with power tools such as a circular saw with a masonry blade on it or an angle grinder with a diamond stone cutting blade on it. A word of caution here, wear safety glasses, dust mask and hearing protectors. These are a necessity and can be gotten at minimum cost at most hardware stores. Don't try to slice off big chunks out of the stone. Instead make several cuts with the power tool into the stone to make a series of grooves leaving small slices (maybe 1/2 in. thick) of stone in between. These are easily removed without fear of damaging the rest of the stone as can happen with beating it to take off a big chunk. Now that the outline of the piece is developed we go to the point chisel.

sunscream may block the natural rays of the sunSuncream may interfere with skin's natural defence to UV light
06 November 11

Suncream may actually block the body's natural defence against harmful UV rays, a surprising new study has found. Scientists from Brown University have discovered that human skin contains sensors that detect radiation from the sun. These light receptors - which are also found in the retina of the eye - immediately prompt the release of melanin, the body's own form of sun protection.

pineal.headThe Pineal Gland -- The "Seat of the Soul"?
18 October 11

After writing several articles on reincarnation and enlightenment, many readers asked me why I never mentioned the significance of the pineal gland -- a small structure about the size of a pea, located in the middle of the brain. For centuries this gland has been thought of by occultists and spiritual masters as the "seat of the soul" -- a phrase made popular by Descartes (1662 AD).

Descartes was obsessed with understanding who we are. He questioned everything -- even the notion that we can know ourselves. He observed that the senses can be fooled, that most of what we think we know is really illusion and finally struggled with the possibility that our own identity as individuals was also not real. But in the end he concluded that if it was possible to doubt our own existence, there had to be some "thing" that was capable of experiencing this doubt. And that thing was our true self.

 oil paint brushOil Painting Medium – To use or not to use?
18 October 11

What is a painting medium and should I be using it?  Two good questions. Understanding what a an oil painting medium is and how it’s used will not only help you develop a process for applying your paint but it will also help you get the desired surface effect in your paintings.

A medium is something that is mixed with oil paint to change it’s consistency from fat (oily) paint to lean (thin) paint, or vice versa.  That “something” can simply be a solvent like turpentine or any combination  of oil, varnish, and solvent.  There are other uses for painting medium but we’ll just stick to this definition for now.

There is no rule that says you must use a medium.  In fact, many artists prefer to paint without it.  It really depends on the look and feel you are after.  Medium will alter the look and feel of the paint strokes as you apply them on the canvas.  For example, a lean painting medium extends the color over the canvas allowing you to make longer, thinner strokes of color as compared to painting without a medium.

how to photogragh your artHow to Photograph Art
18 October 11

If your art involves color, shape, dimension or texture, direct sunlight is the best light source, and it is widely available on this planet. Not talking about full — or open — shade (illuminated by the overly blue sky above), not dappled light (like from a tree's varying shadows), not overcast sky light (when the sun goes behind a cloud), but direct light beamed down 93 million miles from our local star.Direct sunlight, however, is not always available, and other natural and unnatural light sources have their qualities, too. (See Other Light, below.) They're just not as good nor cheap nor easy to deal with as the light from the sun. Whatever size your camera's sensor or film is — or whatever the stated resolution (usually measured in megapixels) — from one of the dinky ones with a fingernail-sized sensor on an under $100 Point & Shoot to the much larger sensors on an expensive full-frame digital Single Lens Reflex (or even larger and much more expensive, larger format cameras), if you fill the frame with your piece of art — get close enough so the art nearly fills the viewfinder — you'll make the best use of whatever resolution your camera has. The more you crop (remove non-object space around the object in your photographic frame — usually an LCD, sometimes a viewfinder), the more you lose resolution.

lucid dreamingLucid Dreaming as Shamanic Consciousness
03 October 11

lucid dreaming is not the same as dream control. You can have meta-cognition without control, and you can manipulate the dream without any awareness you're in a dream at all. Both lucidity and control shift in quality at all times too, so a lucid dream can have some pretty un-lucid moments and a control dream is always full of material not consciously selected by the dream ego.

Anthropologist Michael Winkelman describes a more appropriate model of the sort of consciousness highlighted during lucid dreams. He calls it shamanic consciousness, in which we are capable of holding the emotional vibrancy of the dream simultaneously with the focus and volition that marks our waking lives.Remember, the dreamstate is still running the show despite having self-awareness, or what psychologists call formal self-reference, and this is the fuel for the shamanic fire.

Paint brushesClean Oil Paint off Paint Brushes With Soap
03 October 11

The common and effective method to clean paint brushes that has been used for oil painting is to wash them in turpentine. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself inspired to paint and then find, once you have finished, that you have run out of turps! If you leave your brushes coated in oil paint to dry then they will be ruined. Your brushes need to be cleaned before they become unusable, so here is another effective way.

picture of Alyson StanfieldArt & Healing Podcast: 4 steps to selling your art
19 September 11

As the founder of, Alyson B. Stanfield helps teach thousands of artists around the world how to promote their art more effectively and make a better living. She is the author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist"s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion and the popular Art Biz Blog.  Alyson is a regular contributor to Art Calendar magazine and has given workshops and keynote addresses in 20 states.

SusannahConwayArt & Healing Podcast: Healing with Photography
19 September 11

Susannah Conway is a photographer, writer and the creator of the Unravelling e-courses. A Polaroid addict and very proud aunt, she is currently editing her first book, This I Know: Notes on Unravelling the Heart, which will be available in spring of 2012. You can read more about Susannah and her shenanigans on her blog at

seeing the light Seeing the Light - Secerts of enlightment
19 September 11

Until quite recently, I thought that the term "enlightenment" was a metaphor. But I met an individual who suggested that the word accurately describes the sensation when one remembers that they are something other than their human body. The phenomenon of "seeing light" with the mind is what happens when the reality of our non-material being is interpreted by our brain.

That hiatus of irrational thought made me uncomfortable and I hurried back to the rational habits that I rely upon when I encounter anything weird -- more research. What I learned about the phenomenon of "enlightenment" was quite a surprise for me. I think you will enjoy this story.

hand raisedHow artistic expression can bring good health
19 September 11

(NaturalNews) What kind of artistic expression is good for your mind, body, cells, even your future? Just as only healthy nutritious food is good for you, only art that you find beautiful is good for you. Use your imagination to understand the reasons.

The kind of art that is good for you can be compared to being on a refreshing holiday. Everybody needs a pleasant break. Mind and body yearn for interesting activities in a paradise-like, tranquil atmosphere and for meaningful time spent with kind, friendly people. Can you see the picture in your mind? This creates positive emotions helping you to relax. That is recreation, the real meaning of which is to restore, recover, recondition, retrieve a previously happy state of emotions and quality of life.

tripod-photography-tips-2Top 10 photography tips
4 September 11

Here are 10 tips to turn you into a professional photographer and improve your photos dramatically. On my opinion, these are the most important things that a photographer, beginner or pro, must know about! So enough with the bla bla, read the article and let me know what you think!

colors crayonsWhat does your color preference reveal about you?
4 September 11

Ever wonder why there are so many colors of new cars to chose from? What about the color of your shirt or blouse? What color is your bedroom? Your preferences for certain colors is a very personal one and psychologists - as well as marketing researchers -- have studied at the best Universities and accredited online colleges to decipher the question of why certain colors appeal to certain people for years. These answers may lie in our attitudes towards life, as well as our emotional states.

Color Preferences and their relationship to personality and psychological traits have been utilized in advertising, automotive and the fashion industry for years. Now you can gain some insight on your inner struggles and problems with this highly effective color test.

abiotic-dinoFossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas
4 September 11

What would happen if it were proven that "fossil fuels" weren't the result of decaying plant and animal matter, were actually created within the Earth due to simple chemistry and you could not be scared into believing that we were "running out" of oil and natural gas? Estimates of how much crude oil we have extracted from the planet vary wildly. As late as May of 2009 a report published in the International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology suggested that we may have used more than we think.

boy using tools13-Year Old Uses Fibonacci Sequence for Better Solar Power
4 September 11

While walking through a forest in the winter, 7th grader Aidan Dwyer thought he saw a pattern in the way leaves and limbs grew from trees. Some photography, measurements, and investigating the work of other naturalists confirmed that plants produce new growth following a Fibonacci sequence.

This pattern, where the previous numbers are added together to make the next number in sequence (1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, etc.), and its corresponding golden ratio have been observed all over the nature world. This got Dwyer thinking about why trees grew in this way, and if there was an evolutionary advantage in doing so. He knew that trees, like all plants, use their leaves to photosynthesize and decided to make that the focus of his investigation.

creating a copyright imageHow to Put a Copyright on Your Image
4 September 11

One of the many options that photographers use in the attempt to protect their images online is by stamping their image with either a copyright symbol (©) or their logo. I feel the embossing tool in PhotoShop is the most professional way to do this. If you plan to stamp several of your images, be sure to record this as an Action or save the layer that you create for use on another image.

16609flareRediceCreationsImage2011 is 2012
26 August 11

The title may sound confusing at first but let me explain. 2012 has become the signifier of Doomsday. For cultural reasons as soon as some writer/researchers got a hold of the Mayan calendar prediction they made it conform to the concept of western linear-time. So we have gotten backed into a corner and led to believe that 2012 means, the “end of the world”. It does not. The Doomsday date of December 21, 2012 will not be the end of the world. However, it will be the end of an Age. How do I know?

To begin with I penned the earliest articles that linked the Maya Long Count calendar, which tracked the 4th Sun, a period of 5,125 days. In those pieces, which were published in 2004 by Atlantis Rising, I explained some of the basics of the Mayan calendar and how it represented a Solar Cycle.

framed paintingPlacing Your Precious Paintings in Storage
30 August 11

There are occasions when it is necessary to place valuable possessions in storage. In these instances, it's important to see that the storage conditions are conducive to the safety and preservation of your valuables. Works of art, and paintings in particular, are vulnerable to changes in the environment and can be easily damaged owing to excessive handling. Many materials are used when creating an oil or acrylic painting, such as fibreboard support material, preparation layers, various layers of paint, and varnish. Each of these will react differently to handling and the environment, and will contribute to the condition of the painting.

frank-stella-copyrightresalerightsAmerican artists must fight for resale rights
11 August 11

As the temporary president (until 2012) of the International Council of Creators of Graphic, Plastic and Photographic Arts (CIAGP), I attended this year's World Copyright Summit in Brussels on 7-8 June. Seen from the point of view of a practising artist, it was not an uplifting experience.For the American visual artist, the work, the image of the work and the artist's name are protected by copyright. Protected, that is, from gross exploitation. Only adding the right to resale royalties, as has happened in the state of California, gives any legal financial benefit to the artist.

If you love food, this should make you angryIf You Love Food, This Should Make You Angry
11 August 11

The State of Illinois is shutting down local, artisan ice cream makers for such terrible offenses as using fresh fruit instead of fruit syrup and fresh cream instead of pre-packaged soft serve mix. What, you say? How can this be? Health officials in this state are known for being overzealous when it comes to making sure that small, independent businesses follow obscure rules - and when I say small and independent, I'm talking about businesses that are often owned and run by 1-2 people renting space in a shared, licensed commercial kitchen.

Is human immortality a scientific realityIs Human Immortality A Scientific Reality?
13 August 11

The cause of what we call "aging" is now being understood. This new understanding may soon move anti-aging cosmetics and surgery to the ranks of snake oil and Siberian yogurt as life-extension fads -- but not yet. There are a few obstacles that need to be addressed.

Better living through artBetter living through art- BMW and Guggenheim launch experimental programme in New York
11 August 11

The first leg of the BMW Guggenheim Lab is launching in New York on 3 August. The think tank-slash-art installation is part of a six-year, nine citywide enterprise that aims to better urban living through arts collaboration. “We’re using the lab literally to conduct experiments on the city,” said Charles Montgomery, a member of the New York lab team. Art Sales Site COMPANY Is Trying To Corner the Secondary Market Online — and It Even Has a Reality TV Show
12 August 11

The once-sparse landscape of online art sellers has over the past two years become an overgrown jungle of glitzy ventures, big-name backers, and newfangled business models — so much so that it can be hard to remember what, if anything, makes a particular site stand apart from its competitors. Now into this thicket comes a new site, COMPANY, that is hoping to cut a profitable path by being everything its clients could ever want, and more. It will even have a reality TV show. And the real hook for the site? It's not afraid to break the unwritten rules of the art market.

Word and Pictures: N E U R O L I N G U I S T I C SWord and Pictures: N E U R O L I N G U I S T I C S
13 August 11

The world is a big place with many different types of people. Getting along with others has always involved one stumbling block- communication. Neurolinguistics is the study of the art of communication. People use different senses or modes to convey their thoughts to others. That's one of the reasons that different people are, well, different. By understanding our own modes, and those of people we date, marry, work with or supervise, much of the mystery of conflict and misunderstanding is dispelled. Here is how it all works. Audios are people whose frame of reference is what they hear and what they think. They are like computers; data oriented, seemingly devoid of feelings, totally dependant on facts and figures to make decisions, and able to do concentrated, tedious work for long hours.

five guys talkingLicensing 101 - How to License Art
03 January 08

For an artist it's important to learn all of the facts about licensing before you begin to think about giving anyone the right to use your art on their products. The do's and don'ts of Licensing 101 will give you some tips you should know before you enter into an agreement with any company that is interested in using your art to promote their own products or to use on those products. Failing to cover your rights and contract under a well-defined licensing agreement can cause you to lose money that should rightfully be yours with a properly drawn up licensing agreement.

One of the most important things to understand before you agree to let anyone use your artwork is to never do it without a licensing agreement. Even if no money is passing hands and you are agreeing to allow a particular company to use your art as part of an advertising campaign you still must be sure to have the agreement in writing. The same holds true of any artist whether painter, musician, sculptor or author. Each of these professions is an art form and as such they own the rights to anything they create. Licensing protects the artist from losing rights and money on the artwork they create.

flower with beeNature's hidden prime number code
27 July 11

Ever since humans evolved on this planet we have been trying to make sense of the world around us. We have attempted to explain why the world looks and behaves the way it does, to predict what the future holds. And in our search for answers we have uncovered a code that makes sense of the huge complexity that confronts us - mathematics.By translating nature into the code of numbers we have revealed hidden structures and patterns that control our environment. But not only that. By tapping into nature's code we have been able to change our surroundings, have built extraordinary cities, and developed amazing technology that has resulted in the modern world. Buzzing quietly beneath the planet we inhabit is an unseen world of numbers, patterns and geometry. Mathematics is the code that makes sense of our universe.

colored balls 10 Legitimate Ways for Artists to Sell Art
5 December 08

1. Promote your art through the local art community. If you haven't already done so, check out your local art scene. Many communities have events designed for the budding artist, like classes, exhibits, information on local events where artists sell art, and other art related resources.You may also find resources through your town's chamber of commerce and various local colleges and universities. It's a great place to start.2. Get others talking about you and your art Great word of mouth is every seller's dream—after all, it's free! However, it takes time and effort to develop good referrals and you may have to jump-start it yourself.In the long run, produce good work (exceptional work is better!) conduct yourself with integrity and go above and beyond for your collectors and clients. If you do, a great reputation will follow.3. Start accepting commissioned work. With commissioned work, you sell it before you create it. As long as you and the buyer agree to a contract you're guaranteed to get paid for the job, assuming you deliver as promised. The only downside is that you're obligated to paint within someone else's parameters rather than just your own.This doesn't mean you shouldn't give commission work a try—you may find that you do some of your most creative work when presented with the unique challenge of fulfilling someone else's vision!

where are weExactly where are you?
26 July 11

Right now, as you read this, your attention is focused on the words and phrases as you scan the page with your eyes. You might even hear a familiar voice in your mind, reading the text. At the same time, words and phrases create ideas and visual images associated with memories. All of this information is being provided to you in the comfort of your most private and intimate space. A place so secret that only you can be there. The place where you are conscious... and you know it. But where is that exactly?

Long-Delayed Show of Buddhist Art From Pakistan Is to OpenLong-Delayed Show of Buddhist Art From Pakistan Is to Open
26 July 11

A long-planned exhibition of nearly 70 pieces of Buddhist art from Pakistan will finally open at Asia Society on Aug. 9, after political intrigue in Pakistan and a breakdown in American-Pakistani relations delayed it for six months. Anti-Americanism, which soared in the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden, helped put the show in jeopardy, said Melissa Chiu, the director of Asia Society Museum. The death of a major advocate, Richard C. Holbrooke, the Obama administration's senior diplomat for Pakistan and a former chairman of Asia Society, also complicated matters, she said, as did problems with getting American visas for the Pakistanis chosen to accompany the objects to New York.

Rembrandt's portraitHow Rembrandt's portrait was stolen 81 times
26 July 11

Shortly after midnight on December 31, 1966, thieves employing a drill and a brace to knock out a panel from a seldom-used oak door broke into the Dulwich Picture Gallery in south London. They stole Rembrandt's painting Jacob de Gheyn III, two other Rembrandts, and works by Peter Paul Rubens, Gerard Dou, and Adam Elsheimer. This was the first time Rembrandt's portrait of the engraver Jacob de Gheyn III was stolen from Dulwich. It was eventually recovered, only to be stolen and recovered three more times—in 1973, 1981, and 1983. The painting, which measures 11.8 inches by 9.8 inches, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's most frequently stolen artwork and has become known as the "Takeaway Rembrandt."

Photo: Joanna EbensteinThe Weird and Wonderful Anatomical Theater
26 July 11

Hundreds of years ago, doctors did not have easy access to cadavers or examples of disease to learn from. Even those who had seen a dead body during medical school lost the chance to bone up on things as autopsies were illegal in many places and cadavers for scientific dissection were rare. An art form developed whereby wax works were made of the human body and the diseases it can suffer from. Not only wax works were used; doctors also prepared anatomical specimens as teaching tools which are now considered artistic objects in museums around the world.These three skulls, which show the ages of death of each of person, are rather shocking. It is difficult to realize they aren't just skulls in a museum but what is left of three young men who walked the earth, lived, loved and died just as we will.

Philadelphia art dealer 'smuggled tonne of ivoryPhiladelphia art dealer 'smuggled tonne of ivory
26 July 11

Victor Gordon, 68, paid a conspirator to fly to Africa, purchase raw ivory and have it carved to his specifications, prosecutors said.The conspirator dyed the carvings in order to make them appear old before smuggling them into the US, they said.Traffic in ivory is tightly restricted under US and international law."It's safe to say dozens of elephants sit before you," Edward Grace, deputy chief of law enforcement for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, told reporters in Philadelphia.There, officials displayed for reporters intricately carved whole tusks and smaller sculptures and figurines that agents had seized from Mr Gordon's shop and from his customers.

lung cancer linkProcessed Foods Linked to Lung Cancer
30 December 08

Why do some people get lung cancer -- even if they never smoke? New research suggests eating a lot of processed foods containing inorganic phosphates could be the explanation. What's more, the study also suggests that dietary changes to avoid these chemical additives may play an important role in lung cancer treatment. Research just published in the January issue of American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, published by the American Thoracic Society, scientists from Seoul National University conclude that a diet high in inorganic phosphates, which are found in a host of processed foods including meats, cheeses, beverages, and bakery products, might spur the growth of lung cancer.

healingtouchRejuvenate the Mind, Body, and Spirit with Energy Healing
14 July 11

The energy of the human spirit is separate yet connected to your physical body. An aura of energy flows through us right from birth and follows us. Some people have the ability to recognize and feel this energy. For others it is important to tune our mind and body to experience these energies. The nature of this energy is still debated in the world of science. However, there is no denying that this energy does exist. This aura or energy is closely connected with the physical body and any weakness or imbalance reflects in a person's vulnerability to physical ailments. In such a case we need to resort to energy healing, which is the practice of restoring the flow of bodily energies to heal any damage done to the channels through which the energy flows through our body.
Energy healing is a form of holistic treatment that covers a wide range of techniques. However, the objective is to restore energy flow and a sense of balance and harmony in a person's life. The Indians, Chinese, and Japanese all have their unique techniques of energy healing with a common belief that the physical wellbeing of a person can only improve when the Spirit is strengthened and completely healed.

Temporal cloakFirst Demonstration of Time Cloaking
14 July 11

invisibility cloaks are the result of physicists' newfound ability to distort electromagnetic fields in extreme ways. The idea is steer light around a volume of space so that anything inside this region is essentially invisible.The effect has generated huge interest. The first invisibility cloaks worked only at microwave frequencies but in only a few years, physicists have found ways to create cloaks that work for visible light, for sound and for ocean waves. They've even designed illusion cloaks that can make one object look like another. Today, Moti Fridman and buddies, at Cornell University in Ithaca, go a step further. These guys have designed and built a cloak that hides events in time.

WaleNewsService-Pyramid-Djoser-memphisCrash test mummies: Egypt's oldest pyramid saved from collapse by giant airbags
12 July 11

Egypt's oldest pyramid has been saved from collapse by giant airbags which have been used to prop up the ceilings.The 4,700-year-old building has been stabilised so engineers can carry out permanent repairs.The giant structure was built as a burial place for Pharaoh Djoser, a warrior who reigned in the third dynasty for 19 years but has been damaged in an earthquake.The British team - who helped repair Windsor Castle after it was damaged by fire in 1993 - used technology first developed to aid in the safer disposal of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan.

monolith-420Mexico unearths monolith of Aztec God
11 July 11

Archaeologists in Mexico made a dramatic discovery in the state of Morelos when they uncovered an 8th century monolith featuring an Aztec God weighing 60 tonnes. With agricultural images engraved on its side, the massive stone is believed to have been used by the Aztecs to call on the god of rain. "These signs on the rock are fundamentally associated with agriculture and water. We think it's highly probable that it (the monolith) was used during rituals to ask for rain and it was placed in a position facing Popocatepetl," said archaeologist Raul Gonzalez.

© Royal Museums of Art and historyRoman Gladiator's Gravestone Describes Fatal Foul
17 June 11

An enigmatic message on a Roman gladiator's 1,800-year-old tombstone has finally been decoded, telling a treacherous tale. The epitaph and art on the tombstone suggest the gladiator, named Diodorus, lost the battle (and his life) due to a referee's error, according to Michael Carter, a professor at Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada. Carter studies gladiator contests and other spectacles in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. He examined the stone, which was discovered a century ago in Turkey, trying to determine what the drawing and inscription meant. [Top 10 Weird Ways We Deal With the Dead]

African traditional healer A visit to an African traditional healer
22 June 11

Animal skulls, tree bark, herbs, roots and bubbling pots - all have a role in southern Africa's traditional medicine, which is flourishing even in Johannesburg's central business district. When I enquire about a cure for my cold, I am not expecting to be handed the head of a deadly black mamba snake. But that is exactly what Fikile Sikhali pulls from a plastic supermarket carrier bag as I describe my recent symptoms.

subconscious-mindImages capture moment brain goes unconscious
13 June 11

For the first time researchers have monitored the brain as it slips into unconsciousness. The new imaging method detects the waxing and waning of electrical activity in the brain moments after an anaesthetic injection is administered. As the patient goes under, different parts of the brain seem to be "talking" to each other, a team told the European Anaesthesiology Congress in Amsterdam.

man in an ice cavePeabody Essex Museum's New Exhibition Makes a Splash

SALEM, MA.- This summer, the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) dives into the dynamic, varied and beautiful world of water to present Ripple Effect, The Art of H2O. Inspired by natural phenomena such as fog, snowflakes and geysers, the 16 artists featured in Ripple Effect explore water in its liquid, gas and solid states as a rich source for creative expression. The exhibition presents artworks in a variety of mediums, including blown glass, photography, clay and sound, and challenges visitors to consider this life-sustaining substance often taken for granted. On view in PEM's interactive Art & Nature Center, Ripple Effect opened to the public on June 18, 2011.

LA street artist

Does Street Art Show encourage graffiti?
7 Jun 11

LOS ANGELES. Few would argue that “Art in the Streets”, the current exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (LA Moca, until 8 August), has been a failure. The show is on track to break the museum’s attendance records with 22,000 visitors in the opening week, according to arts news website Arrested Motion, and it seems to have attracted a new audience to the museum. None­theless, the exhibition has also created controversy: an apparent increase in vandalism in the local area has led to a police crackdown. With the show scheduled to move to the Brooklyn Museum in March 2012, some are concerned that similar issues will arise on the East Coast.