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Alice HignettArtist Alice Hignett:
My name is Alice Hignett, and this is my story. I was one of those kids in school who day dreamed, always wanting to do my own thing my own way. I never did very well in school, as I never understood why we where all taught the same way in class when we as people are all so different. I could never learn like the others, and I am sure I wasn't the only one. I am an artist, and everybody knows artists are always a little... strange. From the age of eighteen through till I was twenty-one I didn't know what I wanted to be when I was older. Then it dawned on me one day; that I did infact want to be myself in everyway and also do something I love rather than do something I didn't enjoy and get paid well. I wanted to find somewhere where I could be myself but study and get some experience behind me as an artist as well. Then after alot of looking and researching I found The Learning Connexion; and became a long distance student immediatly! This year is my third year studying with them, and I have almost completed my Diploma with Honours in Art and Creativity. In a world of being told by society that you haveto be like everybody else and have no uniqueness or individuality The Learning Connexion has changed my life, made me a better person by encouraging my own art work rather than copy other artists and loose my own flow. TLC has helped me love my true self as an abstract artist, and has embraced me as a person.


denise NickeyArtist Denise NIckey:
I had always dreamed of becoming an Artist. As a young child I had a sense that I wanted to create something that was so amazing, that it would have such a profound effect on humanity. So, I attended art school for commercial art and learned that this was not my hearts desire. Art school felt very limiting to my spirit. So I gave up my dream of being an Artist. I then spent years floundering and caught up in the illusion of finding my purpose, making money, having material things, then ultimately becoming a successful Massage Therapist. I spent the next fifteen years, doing what I felt was service to others but still felt unfulfilled as an Artist. After many years of feeling disconnected from my own heart and spirit , I experienced a major health crisis. I spent years exploring all types of alternative therapies, completely changed my lifestyle, just searching for some way to feel vibrant again. I believe that every practitioner, every therapy, all of the supplements, helped in my recovery. But it wasn't until I started painting last spring that I felt alive again. One day in my search for non-toxic pigments, I discovered Encaustic Wax. The wax is made of mostly organic pigments, a damar resin and beeswax. I had no prior experience with this medium, so I watched a you tube video of how to get started and that is when the magic began. I started playing with the wax and something began to open inside of me that was waiting for the right moment to emerge. It opened a whole new world and a completely new view. I have never felt more free, more alive, more vibrant, and more who I really am as a spirit. Through playful exploration and completely opening to the moment I have created a technique or process of my very own. It starts with the original encaustic piece, which is created by painting layers of different colors of wax on a wood panel then melting and blending these colors with a heat gun. This results in a very cosmic looking painting. I then hand carve lines and shapes into the wax using my pottery tools. After that is complete I photograph the piece using a kaleidoscope and mirrored image lens. The results are mind blowing. I always experience a profound movement of emotions and gain very high wisdom. The images are like nothing I've ever seen . I am still in awe of the divine guidance that I'm shown. Throughout my journey, Art has always brought me back to my soul! Moving forward in this magnificent time of awakening, I feel that my artwork will assist those who choose expansion in consciousness. It is my wish for all those viewing my art, to be moved in a way that will awaken their spirit and enliven their soul. In love, gratitude and oneness.

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